The Dumas Brothel

Butte Montana

Basement hallway...

The longest running brothel in the United States. The Dumas Brothel ran continuously from 1890 to 1982 with three "shifts" per day to match the three daily shifts run by the copper mines that were the lifeblood of Butte Montana at the time. This building is loaded with spirits after 92 years as a brothel. Some of the documented events occurring here include Madame Elinor Knott committing suicide and a questionable "accident" causing the death of Madame Bonita Farren's husband John. Madame Ruby Garrett shot and killed her husband just down the street at a local bar called The Board of Trade. Being the husband of a madame sounds like a dangerous occupation! Unsettled spirits throughout! 

The basement rooms at the Dumas always seem to be the most active area with lots of visual and audible activity. We captured this light anomaly in the hallway of the lower level of the Dumas.  This anomaly is right outside of Crib #28 where we were experiencing a lot of activity during our overnight investigation.  You can see the anomaly is moving downward from upper left to lower right leaving a bit of a trail.

The Dumas Brothel was the focus of an episode of Ghost Adventures in 2016. 

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Poltergeist Activity at the "Galloping Gallows" 

(Best heard with use of headphones)

In this short clip my daughter and I are alone inside the Old Montana State Prison theater in Deer Lodge Montana at about 1:00 A.M. during an overnight investigation.

We are standing at the bottom of the wooden stairs to the original infamous "Galloping Gallows" where many a horse thief and murderer met their end. 

 This is the most active location we have ever investigated.  Objects were being thrown as we entered the building. I immediately turned on my cell phone camera. After a minute things started getting loud back behind the gallows.  You will hear the banging and general mayhem. Watch for the light anomaly that flies directly at me when I say "Stop that!". Then, right after I say "What are you doing?", you will hear a unintelligible verbal response (two words that I honestly think was "f*ck you").  After the verbal response you will hear my daughter say "Oh yea...I'm out!" and she left the building. I was also on alert from the minute we walked in the building because of the incredible amount activity taking place. As you see I left shortly after my daughter! I was worried about getting hit with something thrown in the dark.  I have never experienced anything as dramatic as this event. This is what every investigator hopes they will experience but when it does it is disorienting! We love this place as it is loaded with spirit energy. 

Shadow Figure peeking around the corner ?

This was a lucky catch during one of our overnight investigations at the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge Montana. This was in the main cell block. The two investigators in the picture are at the front of our group with no one else beyond them. We are in complete darkness when I snapped this picture. Take a look past the two investigators at what looks like a shadow figure peeking at us from around the corner. Not uncommon to see shadow figures at this prison. This facility is reported to be the most haunted location in Montana and I can say our investigations there have always been exciting with incredible activity throughout the facility.

Two spirits flying around the "Galloping Gallows"

Caught these two light anomalies flying around the "Galloping Gallows" during an overnight investigation at the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge Montana in October 2018. One anomaly is flying past the noose (see white swoosh) and the other is moving vertically to the left and behind the gallows. Many a horse thief and murderer met their end on this gallows.

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