Scratching is not playing nice

This does happen and when it does take notice. This investigator ended up with three vertical scratches down her lower back. On this particular night several investigators had their hair pulled and several were scratched and pinched. It is not entirely clear whether this activity was the work of a human spirit or something else entirely. Whatever the cause of this manifestation , it is important to be vigilant when things get physical. The target of this activity should consider leaving the investigation if it continues.  

A spirit flying by the gallows

This was a night full of activity. You can see the light anomaly flying  between me and the "Galloping Gallows" lower right. On this night we were able to catch many light anomalies around the gallows.  While we cannot say with certainty what these anomalies represent they are very interesting indeed! 

This gallows traveled town-to-town throughout Montana in order to dispense justice to those who had committed bad deeds. This is the original structure and it was constructed so it could be broken down for travel and reassembled when needed which explains the nickname "Galloping Gallows". 

Hangings were a big social event for the community with invitations typically issued to town residents by the local judge.

Investigation  Gear Box 

This is our basic gear box that includes digital voice recorders for capturing EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), several full spectrum point-of-view cameras, a variety of infrared lights that allow the full spectrum POV cameras to film in complete darkness, two Rem-Pods, two KII EMF detectors, SB11 Spirit Box, batteries and battery packs to keep everything powered up through the night. I also use a headlamp with a red light when I absolutely need some light to set up gear etc.  This box of gear supplies two investigators for the night.

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