Investigation Details

Clients are encouraged to participate in the investigation with us. This is an important as the client brings with them their personal experiences and history of the activity we seek to explore. It is also important because the spirits or entities that we are likely to encounter often have affection for, or an attachment to, the client. Clients are free to join us or not. No pressure at all! 

Investigations last between 2-6 hours depending on client preference. For best results, we do our investigations at night, typically between the hours of 9 P.M. and 4 A.M. This is not because ghosts only come out at night! Paranormal activity can occur at any time of the day or night. The primary reason for night time investigation is to eliminate the daytime sound and light contamination that can affect our cameras and audio recorders limiting their ability to capture evidence. It is much easier  to isolate and capture quality audio and video evidence when the world is quiet and the sun is down.

We understand that a night investigation may not be convenient so we are happy to schedule the investigation during a different part of the day more convenient for the client. 

Please note that this is a hobby interest for the team at Ghost House Paranormal. We enjoy investigating and interacting with what we encounter on the "other side". Most of our encounters with paranormal activity are positive, interesting, and non-threatening, but sometimes things go a different direction. We are not experts in dealing with "demonic" or "threatening" activity. We have encountered this type of activity and have witnessed the physical manifestation of it. If our investigation reveals something of a "demonic" or "threatening" nature we will end the investigation and work with you to provide qualified resources that are better equipped to address that type of activity. There are many experts who know how to deal with this type of activity and we will help you locate the appropriate resources that can assist you

in ending this type of activity. 

We respect your right to privacy and are committed to bringing professionalism and confidentiality to every case we investigate. We will never share the results of a private investigation with anyone without explicit written permission from the client.