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Headphones help to hear this EVP!

 My daughter and I were alone in "The Hole" at Old Montana State Prison wrapping up an EVP session. My daughter had experienced a choking sensation the last time we visited "The Hole".  

On this clip you will hear my daughter say to me "...this is where that guy choked me last time" ...then there is a short silence... and then our spirit makes a statement just before you hear me respond to my daughter when I say "That was a busy night"

What I hear this entity saying is the sentence "We're getting raided" or  "We are ready.." 

There are other opinions on what the spirit says here. We want to know what you think is said so let us know by sending us a message on the contact page.  


Maximum Security Growl

Headphones will help you hear the depth of this growl! 

This EVP was captured while I was alone in the Maximum Security area at about 2:00 a.m. during an overnight investigation at Old Montana State Prison. I did not hear this growl when it happened. It only presented on the recorded audio like most EVPs. I was focused on some responses I was getting on the Rem-Pod which you will hear beeping. In response to the beeps I say "There you go..." to encourage more spirit interaction with the Rem-Pod. It is no coincidence the Rem-Pod starts beeping at the time the growl occurred. The Rem-Pod was picking up the presence of an energy that knows how to growl!  

 Click the Listen button to hear the growl. 


EVP response "Yes"

My daughter and I are alone in Maximum Security at Old Montana State Prison conducting an EVP and Rem-Pod session during an overnight investigation. Use headphones to hear the Class A EVP response. The spirit says "Yes".  

Whispered "No" EVP

My daughter and I were doing an EVP session in Maximum Security late at night.  I asked  "Is there anything you want us to know?"  You will hear my daughter walking after the question which I then point out. After she stops walking you will hear a whispered "No" response. Turn up the volume or better yet use headphones!  


Enthusiastic Rem-Pod Interaction 

This is just an example of an enthusiastic spirit manipulating one of our Rem-Pods to let us know we are connecting. The Rem-Pod is absolutely one of the most effective tools to alert the investigator that a spirit or spirits are present. It is very easy for a spirit to trigger the device simply by approaching the antennae which is radiating an EMF field. The amount of energy they devote to this translates into changes in tone and light activity on the device. The spirits at the prison interact with this tool on a regular basis so know exactly what it is and how to interact with it. Regardless, on any investigation, it is always good to announce to any spirit present what the device is, reassure them that it will not hurt them, and describe for the spirit how to activate it. 


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