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Ghost House Paranormal is based in the Cascade foothills in North Bend Washington  conducting investigations in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. We love to investigate commercial properties, historical sites, and residential locations. We enjoy what we do and we will never charge a fee to perform an investigation.

Our primary objective is to investigate unusual activity that is suspected to be paranormal in nature. We focus on the investigation and documentation of activity providing the client with audio and video documentation and our interpretation of the activity that we experience at their location. 

At the conclusion of our investigation we will review our subjective impressions as well as the objective recorded evidence collected during our investigation. We always provide copies of audio and video evidence that we capture during the investigation. 

Ultimately, it is up to the client to put into context the evidence that we collect. No one knows the location and the history of the activity better than those experiencing activity over time. 

There really are no experts in the paranormal investigation field who are able to provide definitive answers about the activity you are experiencing.  All that an investigator can do is evaluate the historical information provided, attempt to capture unexplained activity, and ultimately make an educated guess if the activity represents a residual experience, an intelligent haunting, or possibly something else!  

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Old Montana State Prison